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Merlin season 3 episodes

merlin season 3 episodes

Merlin began on 11 September 2010.
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Uther is lost for words and Arthur and Merlin helplessly look on as Morgana is crowned queen.Gaius completes the antidote and rushes to the cells, but arrives just in time to see Merlin being led away.Having been ordered by Arthur to muck out his stables as punishment for his supposed drunkenness, he is exhausted and covered in horse dung.Uther is brought to the throne winx dvd ripper platinum key 7.0 room and tells Morgause she cannot do this, that she has no right to the throne, and Morgana emerges from the shadows.

He then uses this opportunity to criticise Uther and his hatred of magic, and also blasts Arthur for treating his servants poorly.
Queen of Hearts, the Sorcerer's Shadow, the Coming of Arthur: Part One.
Emilia Fox shined in her occasionally flamboyant performance as the duplicitous witch, and it'll be exciting to see where her character goes next.As she leaves Morgana's chamber, Arthur meets with Gwen, explaining that Uther now believes their feelings to have been caused by an enchantment.He tells Morgana that he cannot bear to be parted from Gwen and is willing to leave with her.Terms of Use and that you own all rights to the image or have authorization to upload.Arthur claims that he would have given up the throne to be with her, but Gwen insists that he should remain in Camelot, to become king and change the customs of the past.She spitefully tells Uther she knows he is her father and her deception is revealed.