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Stalker call of pripyat waffen mods

stalker call of pripyat waffen mods

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We do not claim ownership of this file and we will not be able to provide usage support for.
All weapon sounds have been replaced with new original sounds and more variation in stalker NPC's.FN 2000 i corrected the bug of the telescopic sight wihout zoom.Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers.Our modification can be used as base of other global mods (with adding of all authors).If this file is broken, has been superseded, or mislabeled, please use the Report tool found in the action bar above.You have also seen some rendered images but no actual ingame shots, so here are some of them "no more just to keep the hype at ease" : Things you don't know : You will never know everything about a mod as long as it's.It features over a 100 new weapons, 28 new ammunition types and 6 new suits.By Nawheel email protected, now in the.1 Version other restant weapons of the original game like.The purpose of this modification is bringing of diversity and new features to the weapon (and not only) part of the stalker: 93 new weapons models, about 80 of them is a gunshot.The mod also supports Atmosfear 3, Absolute Nature.

AK 74u the weapon have more accuracy and the RPM are increased to 700 RPM the LR300 have more accuracy and the rate of fire now is 950 RPM, effective shoot distance now is 300 m and same changes in other weapons ( the Rate.
with their work I managed to pull out a nice new design for our humble TAZ.
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And finally, let me introduce Trapper's gift, the mighty Engraved double barrel!
I take no credit for any of the models, animations or textures used in the mod.With help from the archiveteam.Various graphical fixes like sky-cube stretch fix, extended tuning of detailsgrass merlin season 3 episodes density, ability to increase distance of detailsgrass rendering, in-game FOV and HUD FOV regulaton and a lot of more.Erayser and, tZPLoNer1 for their splendid work on the source codes of ModDB "ModDB staff are to be thanked too!The code is originally made by Erayser and heavily modified by LoNer1 for use in multiple mods, radium, ghost land, misery, I took several codes from the three mods and made few more touches to get a special look for TAZ.Sorry for my fucking bad English.