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Ubuntu nginx phpmyadmin 403

ubuntu nginx phpmyadmin 403

Update 1 : adding p to the uri brings the login panel p what should I add to my default con file to get it directly.
After going through the error logs I found out it has something to do with php-gettext.
So these past two weeks I did exactly that.
One is the disable_symlinks directive: location /phpmyadmin disable_symlinks off; Another option would be to use an alias instead of a symlink: location /phpmyadmin alias /usr/share/phpmyadmin; up vote 0 down vote Lose the comma and you're fine index p, ml m; Your Answer draft saved draft.Makesure fastcgi_param script_filename as been added : location.php try_files uri 404; fastcgi_split_path_info (.php.May 21, 2016 / 0 Comments, don't let phpMyAdmin give you headaches.In my case I had to use all of then before phpMyAdmin worked properly.Also Read : How to Install and Configure Bind 9 DNS on CentOS.2 x86_64.Now, this didnt work anymore.Nothing more dreadful than a blank page with no anime bakuman season 3 episode 23 sub indo feedback of what could be wrong.Stack Overflow x Dismiss, nginx and PHP5-FPM are installed and running well.Especially using https with the http/2 network protocol and the alpn TLS extension.First, remove the symlink you just created by running: rm -rf /usr/share/nginx/www, that won't delete phpMyAdmin, it'll just delete the symlink.Fix 1: Where to get phpMyAdmin from?What the above command does is create a symlink from where the phpMyAdmin files are to your cyberlink powerdvd 10 crack patch root directory.

Verify the document root was set 755 permissions to your directory accordingly.
At first singer hd 110 manual I thought something went wrong with the installation of either MariaDB (the MySQL server) or phpMyAdmin or even PHP.
I think it is currently embedded in php7.0-common, hence no longer a separate package.
But most of the Nginx newbie struggling to get it run perfectly and hit by 403 forbidden error.Sample error : 2014/04/18 23:18:3#0: *5 directory index of usr/share/nginx/html is forbidden, client:, server: owstuff.First I got a blank page and when I resolved that issue wouldnt let me login.Nginx is a alternate web server for Apache and capable to handle large traffic of the websites on your virtual private server (VPS) or on your dedicated server.Whole detail can be found here!Where I have never encountered issues in the past with phpMyAdmin I couldnt get it to work properly.fastcgi_pass unix var/run/ck; fastcgi_index p; include fastcgi_params; fastcgi_param script_filename nginx phpmyadmin ubuntu-14.04 up vote 8 down vote it's running fine after adding the following location : location /phpmyadmin index p; up vote 3 down vote, that's my solution for this issue: Step 1 : You.